Lending Library

The Northern Learning & Support Centre provides lending items to students, families, education staff and support organizations who live in Northern Manitoba. Most items are available to assist in the student’s education in the classroom. These items are signed out by the resource staff at the school the student attends. We do have trial seating, literature and recorded webinars that can be signed out to the public. We also have copies of the Barton Reading system and Equals Math available to schools, parents and private tutors. If you would like to sign an item out, please complete an on-line RESOURCE REGISTRATION form and it will be forwarded to the NLSC. If you have knowledge of an item that may benefit students and is not seen here, please contact the NLSC and we can try to add it to our library.

A printable brochure of the Lending Library items and general information regarding the NLSC is available here.


Hokki Stools

The Hokki is something really special: being seated on a Hokki means playful movement, activity and being in good spirits. An active stool for big and small, for use in the kindergarten, in school, in play areas and even at home. Hokki comes in four sizes so kids and adults alike can enjoy our Hokki.

Z-Rock Chairs

This unique chair brings a rocker's calming influence to libraries, meeting areas, classrooms, homes and other campus settings. This small-scale rocking chair with a moderate range of motion, is appropriate for libraries, break rooms, reading nooks, or as a side chair in the classroom or home. Guaranteed to brighten the mood of any environment.

Levels 1 to 10 available

The Barton Reading & Spelling System was designed as intense intervention for students who struggle to easily and accurately decode words when reading (despite being taught phonics), who by second grade are slow and inaccurate readers (are missing the oral reading fluency benchmarks), and who have always struggled with spelling – especially when writing sentences, stories, and compositions.

Equals Math - Classroom enhancements for Grades 1 to 12

Equals is a new, age neutral math curriculum, for students with mild to significant disabilities. Unlike other curricula that focus solely on functional math, Equals connects functional math to abstract ideas by basing each lesson in themes of home, community, and/or school.

  • Metric measurement
  • Canadian currency
  • Canadian cultural references/images
  • Canadian spelling

Manipulatives that conform to the above i.e. metric thermome-ters, rulers etc.

Tips for Parents, Caregivers and Educators for Holidays


Solving Behavior Problems in Autism - Strategies for a multitude of disorders, impairments and syndromes.

VS for Improving Communications

Visual Strategies Workshop

Teen Emerge Readers


Teen Engage Readers


Teen Excel Readers


iPads are assigned to students in classrooms based on the needs recognized by Resource and Division Specialists

iPads are assigned to a student based on the recommendations from Specialists and Resource Teachers. The iPads have educational, communicative and assistive technology apps that support the students’ education needs and enhance their learning. Due to security and insurance restrictions, all iPads must remain on school property.